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September 24, 2010


September 9, 2010

Sorry folks

team Free Skates has been on a summer staycation. The translation? We’ve neglected posting in lue of busy summer schedules and projects. With labor day just past we’re ready to get back work. The beginning of the new academic year brings the start of the Toronto International Film Fest and a host of culturally relevant and irrelevant films. In 2008 a little gem called Death Bowl to Downtown produced by Coan Buddy Nichols, Rick Charnoski and Noah Goldsmith was not part of the Toronto International Film Fest (Were in the process of gathering factoids from the producers so don’t quote us on that) and it contains a barrage of footage and imagery from the NYC skate scene from the early 80’s and 90’s. Skaters include …….. the credit list is long to post. The film looks pretty amazing and the host of locales through all the NYC boroughs are just as impressive and inviting. In honor of not being part of TIFF………..

perhaps Free Skates could organize a screening of Death bowl to downtown.