June 21, 2010

A small stroke of genius from your friends at the Igloo Tornado. Well, not necessarily genius but worth the 4 dollars (U.S. plus $1 shipping). We’ve all been wondering for years about what a homo erotic relationship involving two of punk rocks hetero-normative poster children might look like. Igloo Tornado has given you a small glimpse of when Henry and Glen are very good “Friends” and “Also room mates”. If you haven’t already caved and thrown your 4 dollars across the internet to microcosm I’ll give one more selling incentive “Daryl (Hall) and John(Oats) live next door. They are Satanists”.

and the best part is on the back cover

You and I both want to know if that’s an actual quote from Rollin’s and is Glenn ever actually amused? I mean …come on!

this brings to mind Free Skates next fund raising project. We’re diligently working at getting it together. Its inspired by zine culture and is due by years end. More to come.



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