G20 summery

June 30, 2010

the G20 embarrassment is well over and we at Free Skates feel redeemed by the 1billion price tag in policing and trampling of civil liberties. We identify the need for radical reform but we by no means identify with the types of organizations who employ “any means necessary” tactics and we’re not into nonsensical indiscriminate acts of violence the same way we’re not into football hooliganism. In any case thanks to all the peaceful demonstrators that tried to stay just that “peaceful” and thanks always to all the community activists for making a difference.

Let’s say there was a billboard time had by all! protesters and law enforcement

Off topic Soy and I checked out the Vaderhoof park a few days ago



June 21, 2010

A small stroke of genius from your friends at the Igloo Tornado. Well, not necessarily genius but worth the 4 dollars (U.S. plus $1 shipping). We’ve all been wondering for years about what a homo erotic relationship involving two of punk rocks hetero-normative poster children might look like. Igloo Tornado has given you a small glimpse of when Henry and Glen are very good “Friends” and “Also room mates”. If you haven’t already caved and thrown your 4 dollars across the internet to microcosm I’ll give one more selling incentive “Daryl (Hall) and John(Oats) live next door. They are Satanists”.

and the best part is on the back cover

You and I both want to know if that’s an actual quote from Rollin’s and is Glenn ever actually amused? I mean …come on!

this brings to mind Free Skates next fund raising project. We’re diligently working at getting it together. Its inspired by zine culture and is due by years end. More to come.


Printing day!!!

June 8, 2010

Today was the conclusion of the Oasis Skateboard Factory three session screen printing work shop series at The Biatshop and the bench mark for Free Skates first sponsorship program. After designing graphics in the previous sessions today was the production session and the practical process of Printing. The Oasis logo was first in line for printing and every student took the opportunity to step up and print.

Following the Oasis shirts and bags the next step was deciding on what the correct inks would be for the white and blue T’s that Free Skates purchased for the program ( avail sizes M,L ) and thinking from a design point of view the students decided on black. Greg walked through the process from exposing screens, aligning shirts and finally to the baking process.

All in all, as a pilot project, it went very well and the whole team was stoked with the results. Free Skates is proud to have sponsored this and the tee’s look incredible and as mentioned previously they will be for sale at the OSF’s end of the year BBQ. I hope that some of the students keep up a relationship with The Biatshop because Ken and Greg are a great resource within the arts and printing community in Toronto. One of the reason that Free Skates funded a program like this, beyond hoping to interest students in stewardship of a dying art, was to help the them “network” with professional folks in the local business community.

In case your wondering this one fits the slender gent

June 7, 2010

Tomorrow is the final workshop for the students of the OSF. On Friday the production team visited local indy business’s on Queen West like Play Dead and Public Butter to learn about what its like being an artistic entrepreneur in this day and age. While the design team workshopped an amazing graphic Ken gave us a mock up of the design on a T-shirt and on Monday the production team will be ready to go ahead and start printing the graphic on the T’s Free Skates picked up this past weekend. Ken and Greg have been doing a fantastic job facilitating this workshop series. In addition Tracy from Play Dead has been kind enough and will be on hand volunteering her time and expertise.  Thanks man!!!

This is during a brain storming session after the design team gave us a preview of their graphic