The Up Coming Oasis Workshop’s

May 29, 2010

This year the Students of OSF’s final art/business project is designing and silk screening some original Bait Shop/Oasis/Free Skates tees. The work shops are being facilitated and curated by Ken and Greg at The Bait Shop in Parkdale. With Free Skates sponsoring the program and the t-shirts. Ever since meeting Craig from Oasis, we knew we wanted to lend out time and resources anyway we could. The tees from these workshops will be available for sale at OSF’s public end of the year “SK8boards & BBQ” event.

With all this talk about alternative schooling in Toronto OSF’s teacher has pioneered a unique program with the TDSB, In what is getting to be an increasingly retrogressive city. It’s in need of a solid support network with in our community. Free Skates wants this important work to continue and we were so stoked that two of Craig’s students Wolf and Adam Rushton participated and collaborated in this years disposable show.

Please support Oasis Skateboard Factory and any alternative school doing positive things for their students and community.


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