Working Together!

April 29, 2010

Watch and Learn


April 27, 2010

This past Monday we were invited to visit with Craig Morrison and the students at the Oasis Skateboard Factory. Craig is an enthusiastically positive teacher and is responsible for creating an “alternative” program with the Toronto District School Board. This unique program offers “all subjects with a skateboard design and street art focus” and “community focused entrepreneurship. We hung out for the morning and met some of the students participating in the program. It’s incredible see the students totally engaged with their work and what their learning. The result speaks for itself. These students have created some amazing work and most of all we’re honored that some of them will be participating in the disposable show this year with a custom design for auction.

I purchased this slo_skate zine for 2 bucks. Its a collection of essays and personal stories from the students and is a great introduction to the program.

I remember high school and it fucking sucked and I don’t recall the slightest bit of progression from the Peel Board of Education. This made us think about the relevance of alternative schooling and the real connection that’s possible between student and substance. We’re looking forward to a long association with Oasis in the future and I’m sure that they will be a beneficiary in some way with our efforts.


April 18, 2010


–noun, plural -er·a

1.anything short-lived or ephemeral.

2.ephemera, items designed to be useful or important for only a short time, esp. pamphlets, notices, tickets,etc.
ephemera Printed matter of passing interest.
Get used to what you’ll see in your favorite shops, restaurants and maybe littering the Toronto streets for the next month or so. Thanks so much to the Baitshop for putting the flyer together this year and helping us make sure the Toronto arts community knows whats up. As usual they did an amazing job.

Rough Draft

April 5, 2010

your looking at the list for the 2010 disposable show.

Che Kothari
Nicholas Di Genova
Derrick Hodgson
Nathan Jurevicius
Juliana Neufeld
Dan Springer
Jeff Dywelska
The Bait Shop
Karyn (The Workroom)
Adrian Forrow
Jordan Murphy
Alan Wood
Hugo Arias
Winnie Truong
Janice Kun
3am Design
Tami Noa Levy
Christie Shinn
Hayden Menzies
Lizzie Renaud
Stu Playdead
Tracy Horner
Abe Lincoln Jr
Sean Fagan
Jenny Boulger

Plus More

Doesn’t get much better than that