Progress Report

March 23, 2010

today we’ll discuss a Free Skates experience maneuvering through the bureaucratic channels of the ministry of government and consumer services site.  I know that we’re in no way the first organization to have difficulty negotiating their way through red tape, I mean, there’s an entire culture of comedy mocking bureaucratic government agencies. Our misunderstandings, of course, took place in 2010 navigating the ministry’s site. I found myself repeatedly clicking on the same link with nothing accomplished. Perhaps that’s the 2010 version of filling out the incorrect form and being told to re-Que in the correct line . Well the solution?………. we decided to go and speak to a human at city hall and after returning for a second time on different days the very pleasant gentlemen (no sarcasm) who was going to process our paper work informed us that it would be forty dollars cheaper to register on-line so take note young entrepreneurs.
the result?

Free Skates has made the gigantic leap in registering as a non-profit in Toronto. The experience, which I have to admit really wasn’t that unpleasant, made me think about the botany of government services that exist in Ontario (maybe because of all the jokes I feel obligated to croon the lament of labour practices of government employees and just generally dealing with civilian services). Decentralize all power and dismantle all of these agencies you ask? I don’t know what the answer is friends. I will say this (perfect Segway), my book club just finished Mark Anderson’s “All the Power” (avail through This is not an anarchist manifesto but is, however, for the activist that finds themselves reanalyzing their analysis and caught between a McWorld and a Global Jihad.

here’s the description from the dischord site

Dance of Days co-author and longtime inner-city organizer Mark Andersen challenges popular concepts of radical activism. A whirlwind tour across decades, through punk and student activism, identity and lifestyle politics, armed struggle, globalization, All the Power suggests how the seemingly most idealistic of enterprises-revolution-might be practically accomplished.



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