Mesi Mr.Roberts

February 5, 2010

This handsome print for sale at OMG posters was created by artist Justin Marquis and is a reaction to a broadcast made by 700 club alum, JC’s right hand man, and over all class act televangelist Pat Robertson. In this segment Mr.Robertson has again put in another lucrative bid to become the next in line for resurrection by presenting us with the sober reality of contemporary Haiti. It features Pat sternly expressing his concern for the shady business deal Haitian’s brokered with Beelzebub some 219 years prior to the catastrophic and devastating events of Jan 12 2010. Of course this lucrative contract made with el Diablo to thwart off the french colonial powers from Haitian shores as well as any further potential yolking was (according to Robertson) the cost and retribution .

of course, as history affirms, it worked….well…. not so much for Haitian’s


This is an interesting piece and its only 20 bucks (shipped) U.S. The proceeds from this print are going to benefit doctors without boarders

Here is Pat speaking in tongues


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